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School Safety & Security: A Message from Mr. Massey

Dear DISD Constituents,

Dalhart ISD continues to monitor, assess, and make improvements in all areas of our educational system.  Safety and security of our students and school personnel is our top priority in providing an environment where students can focus on learning and teachers can focus on the needs of our students.  As school safety continues to be front page news, we want our students, parents, and community to know we are diligently addressing school safety concerns with all the resources available to us.

Some of the ways we are currently addressing safety concerns is to provide on-going training to our staff in areas that concern the protection of our students.  We are constantly monitoring and reviewing school entry and student movement procedures. In addition, we are assessing access points and visitor check in procedures on each campus.  We are evaluating reporting and response processes when safety concerns are brought to our attention.

In addition, DISD has recently met with Littleton Colorado Public School Directors who have vast experience in school safety and security.  Our Administrators were challenged to review Emergency Preparedness, Physical Safety/Security, Psychological Safety/Interventions, Post Crisis Response, and Communication Strategies. During this training our district also gained useful tools and strategies to enhance some of the good things we are already doing to ensure the safety and security of our students.

With that being said, when a report is made about a threat to our school or students, we have a process to assess the level of the threat.  Sometimes students are inappropriately joking about school shootings and sometimes conversations are misunderstood. However, in all cases, we address reports and concerns very seriously and take appropriate action to ensure school safety.

There are several ways our students, parents, and community members can get involved in helping make our schools safer and a place students enjoy attending.  

- We ask parents to talk to their children about being thoughtful in their conversations as it relates to school violence, guns, threats, etc. and remind them that joking about these things can result in school discipline and legal charges.  

- We ask our community to help us monitor activity while they are on social media and to report any suspicious or concerning postings to law enforcement or to one of our campus administrators.  In short, see something, say something.

- We encourage parents and students to talk directly to a school Administrator or Counselor with any concerns as this is the best and quickest way for us to assess and intervene. If the situation requires anonymity, use the STOP!T app found on the district and campus websites under Report Bullying.  

Please keep in mind that sometimes rumors can quickly spread through conversations and social media while facts are still being determined. Our goal is to always communicate the facts directly to you as best we can and as soon as it is appropriate for us to do so, in partnership with law enforcement.

We appreciate your partnership with Dalhart ISD as we continue to pursue excellence in educating our students.


John Massey